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Perkawinan Nyi Blorong
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Title:The Snake Queen's Wedding
Release: 1983-01-01
Runtime: 90 min.
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Stars: Suzzanna, Clift Sangra, Soendjoto Adibroto, Ade Irawan, Enny Beatrice, Ruth Pelupessi
Overview: The second film in the "Snake Woman" series with Suzzanna. The beauty of Nyi Blorong makes the kings and the princes competing against each other in order to woe her. A great duel breaks out between Tejo Arum, the lover of Nyi Blorong, and King Dewacengkar. Upon Nyi Blorong's permission, Tejo Arum can marry Nyi Blorong. In one battle, Tejo Arum is devastated and Nyi Blorong comes to help him by turning him into a giant that can defeat his opponents. However, in order to return into an ordinary human form, Tejo Arum has to meditate as long as 350 years. (indonesianfilmcenter.com)